Welcome to your Summer Learning Game for Math

Clicking the grade level below will take you to your summer game board. Once you are on your game board, click on a point value under a topic to open the task.  Completing the task will award you that point value.  Accumulating point values will result in grades for the 20-21 school year as follows:

  • 2500 points = 1 homework Assignment

  • 3800 points = 2 homework Assignments

  • 5000 points (full board)= An A+ for an assessment grade!!!

You are responsible for keeping your own score.  Complete the point tally sheet to record your progress.  Hand in your point tally sheet along with your work to your teacher next year to receive credit.  Work can be done physically on paper or done digitally with Google Docs/Slides, or any other way you can!  Have fun! 

Point tally sheet (all grade levels)

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