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The 2020 Roxbury Summer Reading Experience

Choose Your Future

Your Adventure 

Roxbury’s Summer Reading Experience is an opportunity for you to “CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE” as you complete your required reading this summer.  Please note that this year's summer assignment is slightly different from the last few years.  Deliberate attention has been paid to multiple disciplines, ensuring that English, math, science, social students, and the arts are represented.  

Click here if you are looking for the math and science summer assignment.

(*Note, if you are taking an Honors or AP English course next year, you will find your summer reading requirement is different.  You can find it here!)


The Basics

What you need to know:

The summer reading assignment is designed to perfectly integrate with your Roxbury Google account.  While this site is available to the public, the assignment's hyperlinked Flipgrid pages are only available when using a Roxbury domain.  (If you have difficulty signing in, please email Mr. Schmidt at


How It Works


Please take a moment to view this video to see an overview of the assignment, including this year's updates.


Reading a Digital Book

The Benefits






  • Research shows that students who participate in summer reading are more literate than those who don’t.  (Don’t you want to be smarter in September than you were in June?)


  • Unlike “traditional” summer reading assignments, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the book(s) you’ll be reading — as well as the amount of credit you’ll start the year with.  (Want to complete just the basic “Assignment One" with its three tasks?  That’s a-okay!  Feeling ambitious?  Go for "Assignment Two” and “Assignment Three” too!)


  • It’s 2020!  That means we’ll be using digital tools (like this site and Flipgrid) to bring “summer reading” into the 21st century.


Start Your Adventure!

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