Roxbury High School Social Studies 

APUSH Summer Assignment 


AP United States History (APUSH)

  1. Register for google classroom that you will use solely for the summer work


JOIN CODEuder3el


  1. Work will be posted on classroom with due dates. All of your work must be completed with the documents provided. Each assignment posted on google classroom will have specific instructions, but questions can be emailed to: [do not expect an immediate response, but I will make an effort to regularly check my email]. Work will be posted on July 1st and will be available until the due dates. 


  1. You will need your textbook and\or access to the digital text to complete the work.  Your summer work will pick up where we left off; post-Civil War America, a period that became known as Reconstruction and continues into a period of great social and economic change that Mark Twain penned, the ‘Gilded Age’.

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