Roxbury High School Social Studies 

Summer Assignments 


US History I (Honors) 

1st Task - 

  • Register for our Summer Google Classroom section - code: “nedki9e” - once you have done so, all the work you will need will be available to you. 


2nd Task - 

  • Read Chapter 1 from “The American Pageant”

  • Go to classroom and complete the Chapter 1 Key Terms by August 1st.


3rd Task - 

  • Complete the “American Spirit” readings posted on classroom and respond to the thought questions by August 1st.


4th Task - 

  • Complete the Chapter 1 Take Home Test posted on google classroom by August 8th. 



  • Please note that no work will be accepted beyond August 15th. 

  • Loss of points applies each day the work is late.

US History II (APUSH) 

  1. ALL of the following tasks must be completed by AUGUST 15th for full credit.


  • Chapter 23 and 24 Take Home Test - shared on classroom by July 10th

    • Responses must be submitted on classroom by the due date

  • ONE Pager Assignment on a Gilded Age Figure - posted by July 10th

  • Mindtap assignments [new students enrolled over summer will need to complete this upon returning in September; any current students who has a cengage code that expired over the summer will also have to complete this upon receipt of a new code]. 

    • Chapter 23

      • Check Your Understanding Questions:

        • 23.1-23.4

        • 23.5-23.7

        • 23.11-23.12

        • 23.13-23.14

        • 23.15-23.16

      • Primary Source Reading Activity

        • Class Conflicts and ethnic clashes during the Gilded Age 23.8-23.10

      • Map Activity 

        • The Election of 1892 and the Depression of the 1890s 23.17-23.18

    • Chapter 24

      • Check Your Understanding Questions:

        • 24.1-24.5

        • 24.8-24.12

        • 24.15-24.16

        • 24.17-24.20

      • Map Activity 

        • The railroad revolution 24.6-24.7

      • Primary Source Reading Activity

        • The Gospel of Wealth 23.13-23.14

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